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De beste touch monitoren en computers in Nederland en België leveren of ontwikkelen we voor u! Onze specialisten helpen u graag met het vinden van de juiste oplossing.

Introducing faytech’s 24″ Capacitive Touch Devices

We are excited to officially introduce the newly released 24″ capacitive touch monitors and PCs!

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Global Components Shortage & Stocked Products

Global Components Shortage As most of you know, there are still global issues within the current market regarding component shortages, limited manufacturing capabilities and an ever increasing demand for electronic chips.

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faytech’s Special Products & Customizations

With faytech’s ‘All-in-One’ Touch PC Series, there are many different possibilities available. In this update the focus is on the special products. Besides the standard Touch PC series, there are also other special products that include a PC mainboard. These include the IPCs (Industrial PCs), Kiosks (PC optional) and special products, such as the Interactive Mirror and Hygienic solutions.

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