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Embedded Touch PCs

There are currently two versions for the V40 and A20 mainboards: The standard version with W-LAN and the full version with additional Bluetooth 4.0 (2.0 for A20), GPS, POE Plug-in and OTG port. These are faytech’s most cost effective yet powerful Quadcore and Dualcore solutions for Linux or Android based platforms.

Powered by the powerful Embedded V40 Mainboard or the more cost efficient yet powerful Embedded A20 Mainboard, faytech’s Embedded Touch PCs are the best solutions to industrial automation, device control and digital signage. A powerful Allwinner® V40 QuadCore or A20 DualCore CPU, Mali400MP2 graphics chipset, various connectors, e.g. USB, serial, network, TTL/UART, Mini-PCIe, HDMI, VGA, GPIO, LVDS and extended DC-In, all that makes the Embedded series perfect choice for reliable solutions.

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faytech 10" Embedded Touch Computer
Aspect ratio 4:3, Contrast 800:1, Resolution 1024x768, Multitouchpanel, Allwinner V40 Cortex™ A7 QuadCore, W-LAN, 8GB EMMC flash, Power Supply 100-240V.

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faytech 10,1 "Embedded Touch Computer
Aspect ratio 16:10, Contrast 700:1, Resolution 1280x800, Multitouch panel, Allwinner ® V40 QuadCore, W-Lan, 8 GB EEMC Flash, Netpower 100-240V.

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faytech 15,6" Interactive Bathroom Mirror
Aspect ratio 16:9, Contrast 800:1, resolution 1920x1080, Multitouch panel, Allwinner® V40 Quadcore, WLAN 8GB EMMC Flash, Powersupply 100-240V

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faytech 19'' Embedded Touch PC
Last but not least, we also would like to introduce the new 19" Embedded touch PC as an addition to our Embedded Touch PC series. It has a light plastic back case and patented silicone rubber-protected IP65 front. The device has a wide variety of connecto

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faytech 21,5" Embedded Touch PC
Aspect ratio 16:9, Contrast 1000:1, Resolution 1920x1080, Capacitive Multitouch panel, Allwinner V40 QuadCore, W-Lan, 8GB NAND flash, Powersupply 100-240V.

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faytech 43'' IP65 High Brightness Embedded PC
43" High Brightness Embedded PC, Aspect ratio 16:9, contrast 3000:1, Resolution 1920 x 1080, Allwinner® A40 Cortex™ A7 Quadcore, W-Lan, 8GB NAND flash, Power Supply 100-240V, Waterproof.

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